quarta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2011

I'm not the one for you

I feel so alone
Everyone seems to be laughing behind me
I feel like there's something I should know
And you're hiding it

It's not fair
Because I have no chances to prove you
I can be the one
That's not fair

I feel I'm breaking apart
I'm falling into pieces
I'm burning, bleeding and torning up inside.
I'm lost, sad and confused

Please, somebody, I need to be loved
To feel loved
To feel desired
I can't go on like this

I need to be alone just to figure out
What the hell's going on
I'd like it was easier
But every second that passes through
I realize that I'm falling
And you're not there to pick me up

Actually I want to disappear
Everytime you talk to her
Because I feel so small
So insignificant
That I want to give you a real life
A real chance to be happy
And live with who you really want
Who you were made to

And that's hard to say
That's sad to say
But I'm not the one for you
And I love you anyway

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