quarta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2011


I'm not recognizing myself anymore
I don't know
It never happened before
I feel so fucking sad
I wish I could take all these feelings
And throw it away
You'd like me to do that
But I can't, I simply don't know how to do that
It's so easy to say that

"Smile and move on..."

But it's not that easy to do that
I'd love to forget all the damn things
That make me feel like this
If I knew what is it
But I don't even know what's
Driving me this way

I'm getting crazy
I don't know where to take energy
And will to smile everyday
To pretend that everything's alright

I hate to pretend
But I have to do that so I don't hurt the people around
Now I think maybe I've found a way
To feel better
Maybe writing I can feel better

I think I won't, but baby
What else can I do?
I don't know
If you know, please tell me quickly
Cause my time is running out
I'm in the end of this shit
I'm almost giving up on this

I'd like it was easy even to talk about it
But how can I talk about something I don't even know??
I'm feeling sad, depressive, like I was bleeding inside
And I'm feeling so angry, so furious
I don't even know who I am

I'm leaving now.

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