segunda-feira, 21 de outubro de 2013

Trust Me

I know you don't believe everything I say to you.
Well, I can't do much right now because you're not here so you can't see it for yourself.
I know you have all the reasons to doubt,
I'm not arguing this.
I just wanted you to believe, but like I said, I can't do much right now
There are only words.
You don't know me yet, and I don't know you.
But everyday, everytime, all the time
I just want you
I just want to show you who I am.
Everything I say and said to you is true.
Anyone who knows me well can say that.
You never did anything to make me trust you less.
And I can't even imagine what you could do to change that.
I'm changing, I know I'm not who I was before, I'm in the middle of a transformation.
But there are some things I can say for sure.
I want you, I want to be by your side, if you let me.
I'm changing, yes, but what I believe will not change, my principles, what I judge as right and wrong, that will never change.
I know exactly who I am, and who I am NOT.
And what I am NOT capable of.
I will never cheat on you, or anyone else.
Because that's not me.
And you know what?
I really think you are worth fighting for
If it's necessary, I will change even more for you.
I just want to be yours, I already am.
I'm just waiting patiently for the day you'll be mine too.
Until then, I just wait and hope.
I know I've said this before, but it's even deeper now
A lot more than it was before.

I am just one step from loving you.
If you asked me why I have not taken this step yet, it's simple
When I finally do that, there is no coming back
And I will be very vulnerable
And just like you, I don't want to suffer.
So I want to take this step, yes, I do.
But it's too soon, and I will only do that when I see that you are in the same place I am
I mean, when I know that you are also one step from loving me
Until then, I have to wait and enjoy your company, miss your body right next to mine
Miss your lips on mine. And truly hope I'll have them once again.
But don't get me wrong, I really want to take this step
I just want to be sure it's mutual
For now, I just like you so much, you can't even imagine
I just want you so much by my side
I just want to be yours
Because I already am.
Like I said, it's only up to you to notice that.


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